PHP Escrow Script Pro

Escrow Script with Multi-user and Auto-release features

Short Overview.

We promised that we will keep adding features to our php escrow script. So, as per hour promise, we have released second version of escrow script. We have added most demanding features to this version of script like multi-user and escrow auto release. Apart from these 2 features, we have also added features like user management and permission management. So, if you need a user management system with permission management you should go for this script.

With addition of new features, we have slightly increased price of plugin. But, this is just the beginning of story. and we will be adding many more features in the coming version of escrow script.


  • Login
  • Forget password
  • Remember Password
  • Escrow Send
  • Escrow Receive
  • Escrow Release
  • Sender's Account
  • Receiver's Account
  • Escrow Auto-release
  • Escrow Multi-user
  • Admin - User Management
  • Admin - Transaction Management
  • Admin - Permission Management
  • FREE Support

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