Wordpress Payment Plugin

Wordpress Payment Plugin with Complete Payment Management

Short Overview.

You want to add Payment facility to your WordPress website and after checking hundreds of Payment plugin you came across another WordPress Payment Plugin. So why should you consider using this plugin for your website. Well, this is very different from other payment plugins in market. It transforms your website into Payment transfer website where one member can transfer money to another member. It adds feature to deposit and withdraw funds. It lets you manage money account for different members of your website. It also adds escrow features to your website ie Payment is received by a member only when admin approves it. By default its built with Paypal but we can customize it to work with any payment gateway of your choice


  • Deposit Money
  • Withdraw Money
  • Transfer Money
  • Escrow Send
  • Escrow Receive
  • Escrow Release
  • Sender's Account
  • Receiver's Account
  • Admin - Transfer Management
  • Admin - Transaction Management
  • Admin - Withdrawl Management
  • Default Built with Paypal
  • No Payment Gateway Dependency
  • Can be customized to work with any payment gateway
  • FREE Support

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